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Are there grants to develop land for senior disabled veterans?

asked 2017-09-04 08:30:04 -0700

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updated 2017-09-04 21:36:35 -0700

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I am looking for mortgage grants for myself, a Senior Disabled Veteran who is currently living in a Recreational Vehicle.  I have a property in my area which, with minimal maintenance, would meet my needs and I would like to develop the property to help service other disabled veterans in the area. Are there grants to develop land for senior disabled veterans?


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answered 2017-09-05 08:49:42 -0700

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There are so many programs to help veterans in so many areas. See a good summary in  Grants for Veterans. Note especially the section Housing and Home Ownership. Also be sure to contact the Veterans Administration,even if perhaps you've been frustrated with them in the past. They can probably give you some excellent advice. And finally take a look at your state's website. They often have information about grants and about special funds that may be available for community building purposes.

One additional note --- contact the nearest office of Habitat for Humanity. They have a special program that specifically helps senior veterans.

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