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Assistance to help veteran with mortgage, utilities, and job?

asked 2014-09-02 18:05:20 -0700

rod gravatar image

I'm just out of the military and I had 2 full time jobs plus going to on-line school on the GI bill for my first degree, now the main job laid me off and I'm trying to find a grant to help with morgage, utilites, so we can keep me and the family in the house with only my income to keep the minor kids feed and in school. HOAs trying to Forclose when late three months. The job market in NV is low pay. We don't qualify for State assistance by a couple $100's. Thank you for any help or info.

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answered 2014-09-02 18:07:18 -0700

fgcguy gravatar image

Thank you for your military service. Have you checked out the Department of Veterans Affairs website? They have resources for home loans and education that may help. Unfortunately, there aren't many grants for mortgage and utility bills. But Nevada does have the SNAP program to help feed families. Also in Nevada, recent legislation created a “mediation program” that should provide a trained mediator to you in a meeting with the bank or lending agency. Your local government (e.g. Mayor's office or local HUD office) should be able to provide you with specific phone numbers to contact. You may also consider explaining the situation to your employer and even asking for a slight deduction in pay to qualify for state assistance.

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